Travel Life with a Toddler Gets Easier at 3

We started traveling with Jellybean when she turned a year old. So far, we’ve been to six countries — 3 in Asia and 3 in Europe and we’ve done a lot of local travel. While the first few times was definitely nerve-wracking, I’m glad to say that the tension has died down a bit and we’re truly comfortable flying with her now.

We’ve been through a lot in the past three years — on-board breastfeeding, paying for her ride in full, in-flight diarrhea, major struggles with getting her to wear her seat belt in her own seat, traveling with the whole extended family and traveling with just mommy.

We just got home from Boracay yesterday and she was so behaved in the hour-long flight that I’m now so proud to take her anywhere and say that she’s a good traveler. It may not seem much, but she sat in her own seat the entire time (almost), wore her seat belt, ate her snacks by herself and gave the stewardess the used plastic cup and wrappers.

The only little hitch we had was right when we were about to land. See, we were in a Bombardier Q400. If you’ve never been on one, it’s a 74-seater plane with propellers. You literally feel ever bump and hiccup in the air so that air pocket you go through just before landing feels really scary. Even I was holding on to dear life. That’s the moment she called out to her dad to take her and as soon as he did, she was fast asleep.

Ah, the life of a traveling parent! So those with little kids with big plans to travel extensively, there is much to hope for. It will get easier!

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