Travelling with a Baby: How to get a Philippine Passport for an Infant

Getting Government documents can be somewhat challenging in the Philippines. While most agencies have cleaned up their queueing system, others still go through a lot of unnecessary steps. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised that getting a passport for a baby is extremely easy in the Philippines (as long as you have the right documents).

First off, you can now get your baby’s passports in satellite offices of DFA. There’s one in Megamall that’s pretty accessible.

Second, while it may take other people several hours of lining up to get everything done, infants under 1 year old (along with senior citizens, OFWS and persons with disabilities) have a special processing line that does not require a confirmed appointment. You can actually get a passport for your child in under 30 minutes on a light day with no other families lining up.

You can get a Philippine passport for your baby in three easy steps:

Step 1: Fill up an application form and submit all documents. You will need the following:

  • NSO birth certificate or a certified true copy issued by the Local Civil Registrar and duly authenticated by NSO.
  • Copy of mother’s passport
  • Marriage certificate

Personal appearance is required for the minor applicant and either parent (for legitimate children) or the mother (for illegitimate child)

Step 2: Pay at the Cashier. Regular processing is PHP950 which you can get in 15 working days. Expedite is PHP1,200 and will be released in 7 working days.

Step 3: Encoding and picture-taking. You will be asked to check all the data encoded by the DFA officers. It’s a bit difficult to take pictures of babies. If your baby can already sit, he/she would be asked to sit on a box on top of a chair. You can support the kid but no part of you should be visible. For smaller babies, they may be asked to lie down on a blanket. The tricky part is to get a shot of a fussy infant. They need the baby’s eyes to be open and his/her mouth to be closed.

For other minor applicants over 1 yr old, the following additional requirements are needed:

  • A confirmed appointment
  • Document of identity if minor is between 8 to 17 years old (such as his/her school ID) or a notarized affidavit of explanation for children who are not in school.
  • Notarized affidavit of support and consent to travel from either parent

Other requirements for minors can be found here:


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