Jellybean’s Japanese Themed Room

Kids Japanese Themed Rooms

It’s finally happening. My little girl is growing up and she’s now ready for her own room. We’ve been busy the past couple of days looking at inspiration pictures for her room. We’ll focus the design on two of her favourite things: Hello Kitty and Japan!

I’m so excited about this project and can’t wait to show everyone the final result. We already have some elements of the design. I recently came back from my very short solo trip to Manila and was able to take the baby kimono we purchased in Japan back to Auckland. I’ll have this framed in a shadow box. We also have a Shoji screen (that Japanese paper folding screen and a Japanese hand-painted umbrella. We already have some paper lanterns from that party we had in November.

Then, I just purchased a Sakura (cherry blossom) wall decal off TradeMe. And I couldn’t help myself from adding on that light switch decal with a sleeping cat to remind her of her visit to Nekobukuro.

Last but not the least, I plan on purchasing the Japanese prints from MossyJojo on Etsy. I think they look lovely. It’s a great way to teach Jellybean some Japanese phrases. She’s closed for the holidays, but I’m so happy that she’s based out of Australia so shipping won’t be a killer.

Will post again once the room is done. Hope you all have a festive holiday break.

Merry Christmas!

–Mommy Jade



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