Last Week in Auckland: Pride Festival and Lantern Festival

Last week was a great week to be in Auckland with two events spanning a few days long: Pride Festival and the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Although we weren’t really able to join any events for the Pride Festival, we did notice some cool things going on in the CBD that’s worth sharing. The most traditional of institutions — banks took part in the celebration in different ways.

First we saw this ad from W bank on their digital signage.

W Bank

W Bank: Are you open?

Even more impressive is this one from ANZ bank, a GAYTM!


ANZ’s GAYTM (a gay ATM, get it?)

Then, in celebration of Chinese New Year, there’s the annual Auckland Latern Festival. They usually do this in Albert Park, but this year they moved the event to Auckland Domain.

Auckland Domain is a huge park in the city fringe, and Auckland’s oldest. We went there on the last day of the festival. The most difficult part about it was the trek up Auckland Domain…just imagine walking on a steep path with two kids at 10pm with barely any lights on the path. They say about 3,000 people attended the event. It was really exciting! They shipped over 800 lanterns directly from China and they were all so gorgeous.

Chinese lanterns on the trees

Hundreds of lanters on the trees — ancient, huge trees

Fish lanterns

Fish lanterns

Floating Dragon

Floating dragon dancing on water

Chinese lanterns

More cool lanterns

animal lanterns

Animal Lanterns

Fisherman lantern

Fisherman casting a net of lights to catch more lantern fish

Amazing Chinese lanterns

Amazing Chinese lanterns

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