Sneak Peek: Our Travel-Themed Condo Design

I’m no interior designer and I’d go as far as saying I have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to home decor. My parents both studied interior design and that’s actually where they met. So my mom really took over the reigns when we bought our first house. So for our little condo in Makati, I decided to try fixing it myself for the first time. And what theme would be more fitting that travel?


Our little travel gallery is starting to be my favorite space. Instead of a TV, I put a Paris decal and some framed pictures.

I think it’s shaping up pretty well. The unit we’re renting is a pretty small (I think 27 sq meters) studio. But the layout is very nice to begin with. It has a lot of cabinet space, a small divider between the kitchen area and the sleeping area and a very nice black and white wallpaper.

We’re finally finding a place for a lot of the travel items we’ve picked up (or were given to us) in the last few years. The space above is really meant to hold a 32-inch TV but I really don’t have the budget to buy another one just for this condo, so for now, it is my little Travel Gallery. I’ve picked up some really nice frames from SM (for only P99 each, what a steal!) While I’m usually a stickler for uniformity, I wanted this to be a little bit more edgy so I’m going with different frames for each photo. My Matryoshka set (Russian nesting dolls) usually sit here, but not on a permanent basis since my daughter is fond of this and often plays with it. And then there’s my Takatak horse. I have that as a set but I misplaced the other three. So sad.

Our sleeping area uses a day bed with a nice handmade quilt.

Our sleeping area uses a day bed with a nice handmade quilt.

The sleeping area also has a lot of little details that I love. I put the area rug down there to give the black and white condo a splash of color, but it really is for my daughter. We have our little lunch picnics there and she watches on the laptop on the floor. The bed quilt is something that I hold dear. This is handmade by a close friend who owns My Fabric Projects from my bazaar days. That little pillow has the Alibata, I got it from What If Handmade Shop (also from my bazaar days).

The shelves on top are not yet complete. I saw those tin license plates in one of the group buying sites, but I got it for much less in Landmark. Only P79 each!

The shelf near the window has our family pictures in the memo board I love.

The shelf near the window has our family pictures in the memo board I love.

This is the shelf near the window. I love that little memo board. Also from one of the friends I made when I was organizing handmade /art bazaars. The orange flowers in the matching black vases are from my QC house, but I think they just look perfect here. That thing in the middle is a little memento we got in Rome. Here it is zoomed in:


Love this little reminder of our Roman adventure. Its a piece of heavy glass with the Colosseum, St Peter’s Square and the Trevi Fountain laser cut into it.

I love finding little items with travel details. Look, even our laundry bag has a travel theme!

Laundry Basket


Still doing a lot of fixing and scouting unique items, but I hope to be able share the full view of this lovely, travel-themed tiny space soon.

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  1. Arge says:

    You have a lovely home, Jade! I love the way you decorated every nook in your house. Your post motivates me all the more to be more active in house-hunting :)

  2. A says:

    Looks great! Suits you well based on your profile :) Haven’t travelled yet with my girls and will save it when they’re a bit bigger :)

  3. Louisa says:

    So inspired by your post! We also have a small space but seeing how you’ve decorated I also want to make our space more homey. Hopefully I find the time!

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