10 Things to Do in Boracay with Toddlers


Boracay truly is paradise. Imagine having 24/7 access to turquoise waters and powder-fine white sand. It is the most serene and relaxing place I’ve been to and even my three-year-old enjoyed our 5-day trip. While most of the water activities are really for adults or older kids – parasailing, standing paddle, helmet walk – there are still some things you can do to enjoy your stay in this island paradise. The key here is to enjoy the island for what it is and not overstuff your itinerary with activities. Even better if you could just throw your itinerary out the window and just spend time with your family at the beach.

Here’s what you can do with a little one when in Boracay:

  • Relax – City folk like us find it hard to disconnect from our gadgets and just enjoy the art of doing nothing. Boracay is the perfect place to do this. Just sit back and watch the waves. Wait for the sun to set or run around the wide shoreline.
Sleeping at the beach

Sleeping by the beach

  • Grab a shake – Jonah’s offers the best shake in the island, hands down. They have some recommendations that you should really look into. I loved the Choco Banana Peanut shake. Their avocado was also really nice and smooth.

Jonah’s Avocado Milk Shake

  • Chill out to Raggae music– BomBom Bar is one of the older bars in Boracay. In the afternoon, they play some loud reggae music and you can just chill out in front of the beach. They are also one of the few establishment that are allowed to set up on White Beach as early as lunch time (others only get to do it in the late afternoon to early evening). Try their BomBom fried rice – huge and filling order of seafood rice
  • Watch the fire dancers – There are a lot of restaurants and bars along White Beach where you can find fire dancers. One of the more consistent bars that have it is AquaFire Resto + Bar. They even do the fire dance around your head. Kids love this, but keep them away from the flames.
  • Go hungry for Halo-halo – D’mall has a Halo-halo bar that has literally every kind of halo-halo you’ll find in the Philippines. I love both the classic and the all-fruit version.

Halo-halo Hut at D’Mall

  • Have dinner by the beach – Most beachfront hotels offer this and walking along the stretch of White Beach, you’re also bound to find a good restaurant that offers beachfront dinning. I loved the pizzas and mini-burger dinner we had at Red Coconut.
  • Work on those sandcastle-building skills – Kids love playing with sand. Try it. You’ll love it, too. This is especially true in Boracay since the sand doesn’t stick to your skin or to your clothes even after a whole day of rolling around in it. You’ll find a lot of little stores in D’mall that sell shovel and bucket sets for about P120.

Making sand castles in Boracay

  • Make new friends – My little girl enjoyed playing with kids she met at the hotel and along White Sand. The locals (and their kids) are very friendly and it’s pretty safe. Of course, do the obvious and still keep an eye on your little one. About 80% of visitors to Boracay are foreigners and they often bring kids too so there really is no shortage of little kids running around at the beach and my little girl loves saying hi to new folk these days.
  • Get your hair braided – Little girls will love this activity, too. Depending on the time of the day or who you are talking to, braids can cost anywhere between P150 to P350. They’re fun to wear while in the island and pretty easy to maintain (just throw a bucket of soapy water over your hair and you’re done), plus it’s great for managing your hair when it’s windy.
Boracay Braids

Boracay braids

  • Eat local – One word: choriburger! While this is really just longganiza with lots of sweet banana ketchup, eating it while walking along White Beach will make you feel like such a “tourista”, it’s just fun to do. This would usually cost you somewhere around P40. BBQ is also pretty good – really just grilled pieces of meat on a stick.

There you have it! Ten things you can do in Boracay with your toddler without breaking your budget or stressing out about how to manage your time together.


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  1. Lai Gamboa says:

    wow you obviously got great time in Boracay with your family! Visiting Boracay is included in my bucket list. I hope I can have a week of vacation from work to spend in Boracay with my family.

    • violetdolor says:

      Hehehe, they sell it on White Beach…those little BBQ joints there. Pretty good. Some nights we’d eat just that for dinner. Pero syempre, seafood pa rinis the best!

  2. Rhoda Fajardo says:

    Haha! My faves on this list are: Chill out to Reggae music, Have dinner by the beach, Get your hair braided . . . going Rastafarian all the way! I’ve never been to Boracay. I know. I’m such a loser right? Hahaha! But soon . . . I just need to fill up my emergency and investment funds. =)

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