A Family Road Trip to Napier, New Zealand

One of the most beautiful cities we’ve seen in our North Island road trip from Auckland to Wellington is the Art Deco city of Napier. Everything about it was so glamorous. It had the vibe of 1930’s Hollywood. Everything from the street signs to the architecture was so Instagram-worthy.

The city was rebuilt in the Art Deco style following the deadly 7.9 richter earthquake that destroyed most of the commercial buildings on the 3rd of Feb 1931. The motif has several influences from the Stripped Classic to Spanish Mission. It also has Maori elements. The pine trees that grow throughout the city really give it that Hollywood-esque feel. With a border of dramatic hills and sweeping South Pacific shores, you’ll easily fall in love with this little city.

  • Art Deco 1
  • Art Deco 2
  • Art Deco 3
  • Art Deco 4
  • Art Deco 5
  • Art Deco 6
  • Art Deco 7
  • Art Deco 8

There’s actually much to see in Napier — from Cape Kidnappers to the the National Aquarium. But it was a short trip for us just to admire the beauty. We drove through to see the architecture, have a quick bite to eat (highly recommend Breakers for its family-friendly atmosphere) and talk a walk on the Marine Parade to enjoy the sights and sounds of the ocean.

  • Marine Parade 2
  • Marine Parade 3
  • Marine Parade 4
  • Marine Parade 5
  • Marine Parade 6
  • Marine Parade 7
  • Marine Parade 8
  • Marine Parade 9
  • Marine Parade 10
  • Marine Parade 11
  • Marine Parade 12
  • Marine Parade

Such a breathtakingly beautiful place. We’ll visit you again Napier!


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