Things to do in Auckland for kids: Butterfly Creek

It’s suprising that Butterfly Creek isn’t more popular as one of the fun things to do in Auckland for kids and toddlers. There’s really so much you can do in this place. Only about 2 minutes away from the airport, it’s fairly easy to get to from the city. This is a place for kids who love animals and have a fascination for dinosaurs.

Butterfly Creek is host to New Zealand’s only giant saltwater crocodiles. Goldie and Scar were imported from Australia in 2009. The world’s apex predators weigh half a tonne each! You can catch them in action at the daily croc show at 1pm.

butterfly creek crocs

Giant Crocodiles at Butterfly Creek

salt water crocodiles from Australia

Giant Salt Water Crocs from Australia

What our kids loved most — and definitely what makes it one of the fun things to do in Auckland — is Dinosaur Kingdom. The quality of their dinosaur display is really impressive. That was Jellybean’s first encounter with dinosaurs and it scared her a bit at first, but when she realized that they were just animatronics, she became pretty comfortable in this area. It’s funny though, it was pretty hard to explain what animatronics are; they’re not alive but they move. Hehe.

They have over 40 dinosaurs in this area. Some move and roar. There are cracked dino eggs where kids could go inside, a caged raptor perfect for taking pictures (you can actually go in the cage), a huge Trex and diplodocus, a stegasaurus, triceratops, a pterodactyl display and other dinosaurs I can’t even name. They have a roofed area where all the fossils and skeltal models area.

Dinosaur Kingdom Auckland

Dinosaur Kingdom at Butterfly Creek

Dinosaur Kingdom in Butterly Creek

Another Dinosaur Kingdom shot

velociraptor butterfly creek

Caged velociraptor

butterfly creek triceratops

A pair of triceratops

butterfly creek trex

Trex Skeleton

stegasaurus butterfly creek auckland

Stegasaurus climbing a pole

Butterfly Creek Pterodactyl

Pterodactyl over head

Butterfly creek diplodocus

Amazing diplodocus display

dino eggs

Jellybean with the dinosaur eggs

There’s also a cool monkey enclosure with super cute Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys. The kids all loved this. They have a 2pm monkey feeding encounter daily.

Monkeys at Butterfly Creek Auckland

Cute Cotton Top Tamarin Monkeys

Then there’s Green Fingers — really a place for creepy crawlies. Insects, spiders, the giant weta and even a cockroach house. Not sure if the kids enjoyed this, but it’s worth visiting for those who are into science.

Butterfly Creek Green Fingers

Giant weta display in Green Fingers Bugs About

There’s also an aquaria and a reptile area but we didn’t spend much time there. We did spend an hour or so at the Buttermilk Farm. There’s animal feeding for alpacas, sheep and ducks that roam about. There’s also a real tractor and an animal transport truck where kids can hangout. The place is nice and clean and the animals seem well-fed. The kids are starting to love farm animals and enjoyed this area as well.

Buttermilk Farm Chicken Coop

Chicken coop at the Buttermilk Farm

Butterfly creek auckland sheep

Sheep Feeding

Butterfly Creek Alpaca

Alpaca Stare Down

Butterfly Creek should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Auckland when you’re traveling with kids and toddlers. For more information, you can visit their website:


Butterfly Creek
10 – 12 Tom Pearce Drive,
Auckland Airport,
New Zealand, 2022


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