Cathedral Cove, Coromandel Peninsula

As the last leg of our NZ motorhome trip, we decided to check out Coromandel Peninsula — you should never miss out on Narnia when you’re in New Zealand! We’ve heard a lot of good things about this place — particularly Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove. What we didn’t hear about was how difficult it was to actually get there. The GPS said it’s roughly 2 hours from Auckland, so we thought we can swing by on our last night. The road wove through mountains and it was a good hour and a half of zigzag road.

At the end of this dizzying drive, was a pristine beach which was secluded. There was absolutely no one there.

  • Secluded 4
  • Secluded 3
  • Secluded 1
  • Secluded 2
  • Secluded 5

Oh yeah, we didn’t regret it one bit.

We went to the Hahei Beach to try to catch the Cathedral Cove water taxi, unfortunately the seas were too rough that day and taxi operations were suspended. No worries, we sitll had fun. The sun was warm, there was a nice breeze blowing and there was no one on the beach but us. Jellybean spent the day digging for seashells and making sandcastles.

  • Seashell 1
  • Seashell 2
  • Seashell 3
  • Seashell 4

The next day, we still didn’t have a chance to go to Cathedral Cove because taxi operations were still not available. We did go to the Grange road access up the hill. The trek down was long and difficult.

  • Grange 2
  • Grange 3
  • Grange 4
  • Grange 1

It was 1.5 hour trek to get to Cathedral Cove, so we decided to see Gemstone Bay instead. Oh the sound of wild crashing waves against the giant boulders was so beautiful.

  • Gemstone Bay 1
  • Gemstone Bay 2
  • Gemstone Bay 3


We loved our brief stay in Coromandel and will definitely be back for more.



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