Auckland Events: Disney on Ice at Vector Arena

One of my favourite shows is in Auckland! I was super excited when I heard that Disney on Ice will have a four-day run at Vector Arena and just had to get front-row seats for the little girl. We’ve seen it before in the fabulous Smart Araneta Theatre in the Philippines, so this time I wanted the little girl to be really close to the stage.

It really surprised me that even with the same line up, the show was an entirely different experience. When we watched it in the Philippines, the most amazing act they had was for Tangled — the skaters were hanging in the air most of the time. Here, they also had Tangled but with different songs.

Disney on Ice Stage Set Up

Disney on Ice Stage Set Up in the Philippine

When we saw it last time, the show had Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel.


Disney on Ice Cinderella

Disney on Ice Manila: Cinderella in her coach

Disney on Ice Tangled

Disney on Ice Manila: The cast of Tangled

Disney on Ice Snow White

Disney on Ice Manila: Snow White

This year’s Auckland line up still had Tangled but with a different set of songs. It had Beauty and The Beast — which as a fantastic stage set-up by the way.

Disney on Ice Beauty and the Beast

Disney on Ice Auckland: Beauty and the Beast


Then there’s

Disney on Ice Little Mermaid

Disney on Ice Auckland: Little Mermaid

And of course, there’s Frozen. They had snow!

Disney on Ice Frozen

Disney on Ice Auckland: Snow for Frozen Set

Disney Frozen

Disney on Ice: Has and Ana of Frozen

Jellybean had so much fun watching Disney on Ice in Auckland. Can’t wait for the next run!


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