Baby, JetSet, Go Destination Guide: Bayombong

Bayombong is the capital town of Nueva Vizcaya province. The town proper is located in a narrow river valley drained by Magat River. The name of the town was believed to have originated from a word in the Gaddang dialect, “Bayombonga,” which means the confluence of a mighty river. The land area is divided into 25 barangays, most of which lay over rural terrain. Like most towns in Nueva Vizcaya, Bayombong flourishes as an agricultural economy with rice, coconut, fruit, corn, vegetables, poultry, and livestock as its major farm products.


Ifugao tribes were the first people to settle in Bayombong, but they were later driven away by the Gaddanes and the Mallaates who migrated from Cagayan and Isabela provinces. The town was established where the Bayumbung River passed through. It is also believed by some that the name of the town takes after long, hollow bamboo containers used for carrying water, which the Mallaates left as they fled when they lost the first tribal war against the fierce Gaddanes.

Places to See

As the capital of Nueva Vizcaya province, Bayombong is accessible to natural attractions and historic sites scattered across the province. The Villa Margarita Resort, five kilometers away from the town center, is open to tourists passing by the town. Sprawled along rolling hills, the resort has spring-fed pools and water slides for the enjoyment of locals and tourists. In the Bayombong-Quezon boundary, Mt. Palali rises 1,705 meters high and offers a scenic view of the Magat River Valley. Other attractions include the Bayombong Children’s Park and the Rizal Shrine. The historic St. Dominic’s Cathedral is a short ride from town.

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