Baby, JetSet, Go Destination Guide: Cagayan De Oro

Cagayan de Oro: The City of Golden Friendship

One of the Philippines pride is the city of golden friendship, Cagayan de Oro (C.D.O). Well, as you get to visit the place, you will surely fall in-love with so many tourist attractions that the city has to offer, not to mention you get to know the beautiful and smiling people which confirms why the city is named for its friendliness and generosity.


This beautiful capital city of the province of Misamis Oriental is very accessible for tourists to visit. From the Manila international airport, Cagayan de Oro City is only an hour and 15 minutes travel and one hour and ten minutes away from the city of Cebu by plane. If you want to take a trip by sea, there are many safe large boats available to take you in the city. A daily travel by land transportations such as buses to and from other cities and provinces in Mindanao are also present in Cagayan de Oro City. At present, Cagayan de Oro is improving their center for transportation by air to cater international flights around the globe.


To be able to get along easily with the people in Cagayan de Oro, you must learn some basic Cebuano language such “higala”, which means friend and “gugma” for love. Although in this modern time, Cagay-anons (people in Cagayan) have adopted English language and can speak and understand Tagalog as well.

Tourist Spots

To name a few of the tourist spots is the Monique cave. It is located in Barangay Mambuaya. The cave is known to have a narrow entry, but said to have beautiful calcite formations inside it. Another is the white water rafting that Cagayan de Oro is famous for. This is a perfect thing to do for people who are up for an extreme adventure. People who go in Cagayan de Oro will not leave without trying their white water rafting adventure. Lastly Cagayan also offers you historic ambiance such as the Museo de Oro museum, which exhibits different relics, showing off their rich heritage, and precious artifacts that stood the test of time.

Visit Cagayan de Oro, and you may bring home with you the fun experience, the hospitality and smiles that the people of Cagayan de Oro is famous for.



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