Baby, JetSet Go Destination Guide: Cagayan

Cagayan is a very beautiful part in the cagayan valley. The name is believed to come from the word

“catagayan” which means ‘the place where the tagay grows abundantly’, the tagay being a kind of plant
that grows abundantly in the northern part of the province. The name was later shortened to Cagayan.

The Province of Cagayan has a total population of 993,580 as of the year 2000. It is bounded on the
east by the Pacific and on the south by Isabela. Seasons are not very pronounced in this province
although, it is generally very cold between the months of November and February. Tuguegarao
City is the provincial capital, regional seat and center of business, trade and education.

Like most parts of the Philipines, agriculture plays a chief role in the production and economy of
the cagayan province. Agricultural products grown here include rice, corn, peanut, beans and fruits.
Livestock like cattle, carrabos, poultry and hogs are also reared in the region. But mostly, ‘cagayans’
seem to be masters of woodworks. High-quality oodcraft furniture made of hardwood, rattan, bamboo and
other indigenous materials are available in the province. These would serve as very good tourist souveneers to
take back home.

Languages generally spoken in the province are Ybanag, Ytawit, Malaweg, and Ilocano. Other ethnic groups
that migrated to the province speak their own dialects. But getting by in cagayan shouldn’t be that difficult.
People in places where literacy is high speak and understand English and Pilipino very well. Activities that you
can enjoy include surfing, scuba diving, bird watching, mountaineering and tecking, there can never be a boring
moment in this amazing place.

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