Baby, JetSet Go Destination Guide: La Union

La Union in is probably one of the best kept secret for tourist visiting the Philippines. If you are thinking of visiting and you don’t know where to start. It is advised that you head north either by plane of using public transportation like buses. A lot of those who want peace and quiet and relattive safety will appreciate what La Union has to offer. It is very close to the world famous 100 Islands national park. Nevertheless, it offers beautiful beaches that will make surfers and those who were into snorkeling feel at home. This region isn’t the most popular but for those who are seeking a more laid-back way of life it might be worth your time.

You can experience the local way of life by going to the San Fernando plaza where you get access to shops and ATMs. If you want something more authentic, you can visit the old market where you get an overview of what the locals enjoy. Using the Jeepney to get around La Union is another interesting thing to experience. If you’re wondering what the Jeepney is, it is basically a colorful bus which is a common means of transport. It will also be one of the cheapest ways to get from one point to the other if you are on a budget.

If you have never been surfing before and you’re willing to take affordable lessons, you should head to San Juan beach. This seems to be one of the favorite locations for those who can’t get enough of the waves. You don’t have to bring your surf along because you can rent and take lessons when you get there.

The lunar watchtower is another attraction that will appeal to those who enjoy historical ruins. This tower is not that glamorous, nevertheless it tells the history of this beautiful region of the Philippines.

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