Baby, JetSet, Go Destination Guide: Nueva Vizcaya

Nueva Vizcaya is referred to as the gateway to the vast Cagayan Valley region. It is nestled at the heart of Northern Luzon at the southernmost part of Region II. With Bayombong as its capital, the agricultural province is right in the middle of Ifugao, Isabela, Benguet, Quirino, and Nueva Ecija provinces. Nueva Vizcaya is a melting pot of various ethnic communities, where immigrants from adjacent provinces have settled and started a living. The province is an alternative destination for travelers who love the thrill of the great outdoors.


The Dominican Order brought Christianity to the province and the surrounding regions back in 1607. Nueva Vizcaya was established in 1839 as a politico-military province under then Governor Luis Lardizabal. The present territory of Nueva Vizcaya is a result of changes from the formal designation of the province of Isabela in 1865. The first civil government rose up in 1902. Japanese troops occupied Nueva Vizcaya in 1942 and the province was liberated by Filipino and American troops in 1945. The culture of Nueva Vizcaya reflects those of its early settlers, which include Ilongots, Igorots, Isinais, Ifugaos, and Gaddangs.

Places to See

Its rich cultural history and abundant natural attractions make Nueva Vizcaya worth a visit. Aside from a series of astounding mountain peaks and mystical caves, historical attractions dating back to the Spanish period, as well as rich agricultural lands, are wonders that await the adventurous tourist. Mt. Pulag, the country’s second highest peak, attracts many a mountaineers every year. Nueva Vizcaya province is also considered a “watershed haven” as it has several principal rivers and waterfalls. The province is also home to the Lion-Alayan Cave, a large cave system with an underground river. Tourists can also visit the Spanish-built churches of St. Dominic Cathedral and Dupax Del Sur Church.

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