Baby, JetSet, Go Destination Guide: Pampanga

Pampanga rests at the very heart of the Central Luzon region. It is a historically rich province founded by Spanish conquistadores in 1571. Known as “the culinary center of the Philippines,” the province has a lot to offer tourists looking to experience delectable and uniquely Filipino cuisine. Pampanga is also a famous destination for its festivals, ancestral houses, natural scenery, and the emergence of casinos, duty-free shopping, golf courses, and resorts.


Pampanga’s participation in key historical battles shaped the character of the Kapampangans. They take pride in their heritage as one of the first eight provinces to first rise up against Spanish rule, as symbolized in the eight rays of the sun in the Philippine flag. During World War II, bloody clashes took place in Pampanga, where Clark Airbase, a large American military facility, is located. A guerrilla unit that resisted Japanese occupation established its headquarters in province. The horrific Death March commenced in the capital town of San Fernando, from whence the weakened soldiers were transported to Capas, Tarlac.

Places to See

Mt. Arayat in Arayat teems with lush vegetation and wildlife, offering relaxation and invigoration to weary tourists, starting with a cool mountain spring at the foot of the mountain. The Arayat National Park also draws visitors who wish to go hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, and camping. There are also plenty of adventures to be had in Mt. Pinatubo, which can be accessed via surrounding communities.

Pampanga actively celebrates religious festivals including the Giant Lantern Festival on Christmas every year, the festive street dance, Kuraldal, and the fascinating Aguman Sandok, wherein farmers and fisherfolk march the streets dressed up in women’s clothes.

Clark Special Economic Zone, formerly Clark Air Base, is a favorite stopover for its tourist resorts, golf courses, shops, trade centers and recreational facilities.

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