Baby, JetSet, Go Destination Guide: Tuguegarao

The city of Tuguegarao is a peninsula nestled in the lush Cagayan Valley. Bordered by the Sierra Madre to the east, the Cordilleras to the west, and the Caraballo Mountain to the south, the component city has lot to offer to travelers seeking an adventure. Tuguegarao is the capital of Cagayan and the Regional Center of the Cagayan Valley Region. The 400-year-old city is considered a socio-economic hub and thus, has no lack of well-appointed lodgings, recreation facilities, and commercial establishments. At the same time, its proximity to agricultural towns does not leave the city wanting of fresh, farm produce.


Tuguegarao City is founded on May 9, 1604. It was designated as a “mission-pueblo” with Fray Tomas Villas O.P. as the first vicar. Under the Dominicans, the city saw a significant development in infrastructure and education. During the American occupation, local officials developed Tuguegarao as a regional center, erecting a town hall, a public market, and a provincial high school. Chaos erupted when the Japanese arrived and occupied the city, appointing Nicanor Carag as governor. In 1944, American forces, as an attack against the Japanese, bombed the city to ruins. Tuguegarao was officially liberated in 1945 and has since risen to become the business hub that it is now.

Places to See

Tuguegarao City is a hospitable tourist destination. With business services, social amenities, and modern infrastructure readily accessible, it is a convenient stopover to most tourist destinations in the Cagayan Valley Region. Some exciting activities tourists can try include kayaking on the Pinacanauan River and exploring Callao Cave in Penablanca. The seven-chamber cave features massive limestone formations running through a great length of the Pinacanauan River. Visitors can also go see the Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat, the Cagayan Museum and Historical Research Center, and St. Peter’s Cathedral, the biggest Spanish-built church in the province.

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