Most Interesting Thing in Travel This Week – 06 to 12 Nov 2016

We’re starting a new series this week collating some of our weirdest, coolest finds about travel in our blog. Hope you like it!

  • The Next-level Selfie Sticks are Here

This is probably what the child of a drone and a selfie stick would be. The Hover Camera Passport is designed by Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotics.


  • Filipinos take to Google Maps to Protest Hero’s Burial for Dictator Ferdinand Marcos

The Supreme Court of the Philippines recently decided to allow the interment of Martial Law Dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the local Heroes Cemetery (Libingan ng Mga Bayani). In protest, Filipinos have used technology and have renamed the location as Libignan ng mga Bayani at Isang Magnanakaw (and one thief).

Photo Credit: Abi Valte

Marcos Burial Google Maps


  • Discover Poland’s Starry Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lane

Check out the recently unveiled glow-in-the-dark bike path charged by the sun. The blue cycling strip is found in the northern part of Poland, near Lidzbark Warminski. It stays luminous for at least ten hours at a time. More from BoredPanda.

Poland's Glow in the Dark Bike Lane


Hope you keep following our blog for the coolest, weirdest and most interesting things happening in travel weekly. We will try to post every Friday. Cheers and happy travels!

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