Most Interesting Thing in Travel This Week – 13 to 19 Nov 2016

How was your world of travel this week? Find out what’s happening across that globe in the world of travel. From ghostly apparitions in China to a heart-pounding zipline adventure in Canada. Join Baby, JetSet, Go as we go week by week covering the latest, coolest, weirdest and of course, most interesting travel news around.

  • Don’t be surprised if you see more car “ghosts” in China

Drivers who are fed up with high-beamers are taking action by using adding reflective scary decals on the rear windows of their vehicles. The decals were recently noticed by the traffic police in Jinan of the eastern Shandong province. They sell for about 16 yuan from the site Taobao. Looks like a great way to deter those high-beam headlights. Unfortunately, traffic police are not too happy about it and could fine users up to 100 yuan – and tougher punishments if it causes a road accident. As for those high-beam happy drivers? The Shenzhen police have announced an unusual punishment for them by having them stare into the headlights for 60 seconds plus a 300 yuan fine.

Interesting Travel: Ghost Car Decals in China

  • Love beer? How about swimming in a pool filled with one?

Austrian Brewery Starkenberger Brewery Castle actually lets guests swimin the Bierbad. The old vat room of the brewery has the first beer swimming pool in the world. The basisn are filled with 12,000 liters of water and enriched with 300 liters of beer. It is said to stimulate circulation and ensure smooth skin.

Interesting Travel: Beer Pool in Austria

  • Another reason to move to Canada: Zipline over Niagara

Not so happy about Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency? They say there’s been a massive spike in Canada’s immigration website since the election results came out. Not a bad time to move across the border, eh? Here’s one more reason to reconsider your citizenship: a heart-pumping adventure awaits you with the first zipline attraction in Niagara Falls.

Interesting Travel: Zipline above the Niagara Falls


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