Things to do for Kids Around Auckland: Rainbow’s End

What kid doesn’t like an amusement park? Rainbow’s End has over 20 rides and attractions, so there’s something to enjoy for any age. So first off, let’s talk about the entry price. It’s a bit steep at $62 for an adult superpass and $52 for a superpass for children aged 2-13. If your kids are below 5, you might want to get just the Kidz Kingdom Pass or the combo with the AA Driver’s Town. For just Kidz Kingdom, the gate price is $32 for Kidz Kingdom with AA Driver’s Town, the price is $41. If you have no intention of getting on the rides, a spectator pass is between $7 to $18 for adults. They also have family admission pricing (with different prices depending on the number of adults and children)

You may want to get your tickets online, because it is a little cheaper to do that. You can visit Rainbow’s End online here:

Kidz Kingdom

Kidz Kingdom is an awesome area for kids under 8. For littlies, there’s the indoor area which has:

  • Tiny Tots -a soft play area for kids under 2 years
  • Dixie Chickens – a performance area with singing animatronic chickens
  • Enzo’s Country Raceway – has crazy mirrors and musical activities
  • Comfy Land – has crazy mirrors, xylophones and mystery boxes for little kids
  • Fortress of Fun – has slides, tunnels and obstacle courses for kids between 3-8

Preschoolers might enjoy the outdoor area more which has:

  • Magic Bikes – bikes that go up and down as you pedal. There are parents’ seats so you can go with your kid on this ride.
  • Jumping star – parents can sit on either end of the ride, it goes to the top of a mini tower and bounces up and down.
  • Carousel – always a favourite with the little girl. There are horses that move and some that don’t. There’s also a sleigh to sit in for parents.
  • Carwash Convoy – it’s like a carousel but with cars. It just goes around the “carwash” for a fun ride. There are only 4 cars and it’s a kids-only ride.

  • Surf and Swing – Giant swing, adults can ride at either end of the swing.
  • Space Shuttles – a kids-only ride where they can pilot their own rocket, which goes up and down as the ride rotates.

  • Choco Express – adults can join in. It’s a small roller coaster with some twists and turns.

AA Driver’s Town

This is one of the highlights of our Rainbow’s End adventure. Definitely worth the extra $9. Kids get to drive their own mini Suzuki Swift, complete with driver’s training. The town is a colourful 1200 sq/m area complete with two-way roads, roundabouts, pedestrian crossing signs and even traffic lights. If kids are under the 80cm restriction, an adult can ride behind them and help steer the vehicle.

Big kids and adults can enjoy the Big 5 Thrill Rides in the park. It looks fun, but we weren’t able to get on any of them.


There’s a lot to do and kids can spend an entire day at Rainbow’s End. The park is open daily (except Christmas Day) from 10am to 5pm. You’ll find it at 2 Clist Crescent, Manukau, Auckland which is easily accessible from Southern (SH1) and Southwestern (SH16) motorways.

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