Most Interesting Thing in Travel This Week – 13 to 19 Nov 2016

How was your world of travel this week? Find out what’s happening across that globe in the world of travel. From ghostly apparitions in China to a heart-pounding zipline adventure in Canada. Join Baby, JetSet, Go as we go week by week covering the latest, coolest, weirdest and of course, most interesting travel news around.

  • Don’t be surprised if you see more car “ghosts” in China

Drivers who are fed up with high-beamers are taking action by using adding reflective scary decals on the rear windows of their vehicles. The decals were recently noticed by the traffic police in Jinan of the eastern Shandong province. They sell for about 16 yuan from the site Taobao. Looks like a great way to deter those high-beam headlights. Unfortunately, traffic police are not too happy about it and could fine users up to 100 yuan – and tougher punishments if it causes a road accident. As for those high-beam happy drivers? The Shenzhen police have announced an unusual punishment for them by having them stare into the headlights for 60 seconds plus a 300 yuan fine.

Interesting Travel: Ghost Car Decals in China

  • Love beer? How about swimming in a pool filled with one?

Austrian Brewery Starkenberger Brewery Castle actually lets guests swimin the Bierbad. The old vat room of the brewery has the first beer swimming pool in the world. The basisn are filled with 12,000 liters of water and enriched with 300 liters of beer. It is said to stimulate circulation and ensure smooth skin.

Interesting Travel: Beer Pool in Austria

  • Another reason to move to Canada: Zipline over Niagara

Not so happy about Donald Trump’s upcoming presidency? They say there’s been a massive spike in Canada’s immigration website since the election results came out. Not a bad time to move across the border, eh? Here’s one more reason to reconsider your citizenship: a heart-pumping adventure awaits you with the first zipline attraction in Niagara Falls.

Interesting Travel: Zipline above the Niagara Falls


Got some interesting travel news to share? Comment below and we’ll feature it in the next few weeks.

Travel Secret: Groupon Things To Do


As someone who has worked in the travel industry for a decade, I keep several travel secrets and travel hacks in my back pocket. We’ve shared some of the most essential ones in our Baby Travel Industry Secrets page. But here’s something new I learned fairly recently: use deals sites to find amazing activities for less.

I’m particularly happy with using Groupon for this purpose. The Groupon Things To Do section gives great local insight on the must-see places in Chicago, New York or any other city you plan on visiting. The best part: you get to save anywhere between 50% to 90% off on the deals.

I love how Groupon can help you save on a variety of activities. Whether it’s festival tickets, sporting events, concerts, comedy clubs, theaters and shows and more. If you’re a tourist with kids, there are a ton of great value for money deals such as discounted entrance to the local zoo and museum, guided tour passes and other attractions.

While I’ve been a Groupon fan for a while and have actually bought a lot of Christmas presents for family and friends on the site, I’ve never thought of using it for booking and planning our travel activities. I discovered it on our recent trip to Bay of Islands. We kept bumping into this couple who were also from Auckland. As I was paying for the parasailing experience with cash, he was giving the operator a voucher number. I asked how much he paid for the voucher and he tells me that he got it for half the price that I was paying for! Even worse, since he already booked his use of the voucher so they already had space on the boat for him and his wife. Meanwhile, some people from our party had to be bumped off to the next trip because we weren’t pre-booked.

That was such an eye-opening experience for me. By using a deals site like Groupon, won’t just save on the experience, I can plan it better! Plus, there is no membership or any other fees. Buy your voucher, tell the merchant/operator that you’ll use it on whatever date and you’re done.

We’d love to hear about your deals site experience for travel.

How have you used Groupon to save on travel experiences?

Most Interesting Thing in Travel This Week – 06 to 12 Nov 2016

We’re starting a new series this week collating some of our weirdest, coolest finds about travel in our blog. Hope you like it!

  • The Next-level Selfie Sticks are Here

This is probably what the child of a drone and a selfie stick would be. The Hover Camera Passport is designed by Beijing startup Zero Zero Robotics.


  • Filipinos take to Google Maps to Protest Hero’s Burial for Dictator Ferdinand Marcos

The Supreme Court of the Philippines recently decided to allow the interment of Martial Law Dictator Ferdinand Marcos in the local Heroes Cemetery (Libingan ng Mga Bayani). In protest, Filipinos have used technology and have renamed the location as Libignan ng mga Bayani at Isang Magnanakaw (and one thief).

Photo Credit: Abi Valte

Marcos Burial Google Maps


  • Discover Poland’s Starry Glow-in-the-Dark Bike Lane

Check out the recently unveiled glow-in-the-dark bike path charged by the sun. The blue cycling strip is found in the northern part of Poland, near Lidzbark Warminski. It stays luminous for at least ten hours at a time. More from BoredPanda.

Poland's Glow in the Dark Bike Lane


Hope you keep following our blog for the coolest, weirdest and most interesting things happening in travel weekly. We will try to post every Friday. Cheers and happy travels!

How to Introduce Kids to an Epic Life of Adventure

I haven’t updated this blog in a while, we were busy adventuring! So, instead of going back a couple of weeks writing about the exciting things we’ve done, I wanted to do a quick post to help families with young children get their kids started on a life of adventure.

It truly is the most exciting thing in the world to start seeing your young ones plunge into heart-pounding activities without fear. Living in New Zealand – the adventure capital of the world – it really was bound to happen sooner or later.

So far, our 3 and 4-year-olds have gone hiking in a native bush, trekked in a geothermal park, ridden a ski lift, gone sledding, “driven” a river boat and kayaked on a river towards a waterfall. These are things we would have never imagined them doing at such a young age. But that they did.

Huka Falls River Boat

Jellybean “driving” a river boat on Waikato River to Huka Falls

Mt Ruapehu - Whakapapa Ski Fields

The four-year-old sledding down a hill with daddy on Mt. Ruapehu’s Whakapapa Ski Fields.

Haruru Waterfalls Kayak Adventure

Getting ready to kayak along Waitangi River to Haruru Waterfalls in Paihia, Bay of Islands

Here’s how we introduced them to an adventure-filled life and how we plan to continue doing so:

  • Keep Safety Top of Mind – Of course when travelling with young kids, their safety is always any parent’s top concern. Before you indulge in any activity, find out if they allow kids to join. There might be height and weight restrictions for some activities, so it is best to choose those that are fun for the whole family.
  • Preparation is Key – Before you indulge in any sport or activity that may require physical movement or conquering any fear, it is best to introduce it early on. Go to the provider’s website, look at brochures and watch videos of other people doing the activity. This way, your kid would be comfortable with the safety procedures or use of any equipment as part of the adventure.
  • Get all the Essentials Out of the Way – If you want kids to be comfortable with any activity, it is important that you tick off all the essentials. Feed them well before the trip so they don’t get hungry on the way to the river or elsewhere (trips can sometimes take a while to get from one base to another). Dress them so they are comfortable, can move enough and are warm when they need to be. Make sure they go to the bathroom before you board any boat or train or any vehicle that will not give them easy access to a toilet.
  • Start Small – Develop your children’s love for the outdoors by getting them out of the house. Take a walk to the park or go to the beach so they understand that sunshine and fresh air are good for them. Give them the freedom to explore with little fun stuff like stomping on puddles, gathering leaves and flowers or making sandcastles.
  • Be Afraid for Them but Never Show It – I’ve always been a scaredy cat – that ride down ski lift had me fearing for my life. So you won’t be able to imagine the kind of panic attack I have every time my daughter wants to try something even slightly dangerous. To be honest, I never really learned to control that fear and that’s okay. It’s only natural to feel that way as a parent. But I did learn to hide it from her so she can be fearless.

Letting your children be free to enjoy a life of adventure will boost their confidence and help them learn new life skills. And to be entirely truthful, travel with children is already hard – adventure travel even more so. But, it is really worth it.

Places to Visit near Auckland: Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store

Just a 30 minute drive from North Shore is Puhoi — a lovely little area where you’ll find the amazing Puhoi Valley. There’s probaby a lot more to see in the area and the drive up is just amazing, but the reason we’ve been up there twice is really the Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store. So it’s a cheese store with a lot of amazing, delicious cheese. But is it kid-friendly? The answer is a resounding yes!

Puhoi Valley Cafe and Cheese Store

Puhoi Valley Cafe and Cheese Store

First, they have great food that kids will love. They even have meals especially for kids. We ordered a platter with 3 kinds of cheese, sliced baguette and a few sausages and the kids loved it just as much as the adults. The cheese was just remarkable — whether you go for hard cheeses, soft ones or aged ones with a strong flavour, you really can’t go wrong. Not sure what to get? You can ask them for a suggestion and they’ll give you their most popular options.

Mediterrenean Platter from Puhoi Valley Cafe and Cheese Store

Mediterrenean Platter from Puhoi Valley Cafe and Cheese Store

Second, they have a play area so keeping the little ones busy is not a problem. If they’re not into playgrounds, there’s always the pond with ducks and a lot of running space just outside the cafe.

The playground area for kids.

The playground area for kids.

Kids area at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store

The kids enjoying the playground at Puhoi Valley Cafe and Cheese Store.

The outdoor area at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store

The outdoor area at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store

Grounds at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store

The kids running around the extensive grounds at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store

Third, the ice cream is just amazing — and what kid can say no to ice cream? They have award-winning flavours and selections for both ice cream and sorbet.

 The award-winning ice cream at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store

Jellybean loves the ice cream at Puhoi Valley Cafe & Cheese Store.

If you’re looking for places to visit near Auckland when you’re on your North Island trip, Puhoi Valley is a must.

For Our Filipino Fans: Van Sulitas Travel Memes

Filipinos find humour in everything, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when our travel memes from comedian Van Sulitas became one of our most shared posts on our Facebook page. We’re sharing it here for our non-Facebook fans. Please feel free to share the laughter with others!

More after the jump.



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Auckland Events: Disney on Ice at Vector Arena

One of my favourite shows is in Auckland! I was super excited when I heard that Disney on Ice will have a four-day run at Vector Arena and just had to get front-row seats for the little girl. We’ve seen it before in the fabulous Smart Araneta Theatre in the Philippines, so this time I wanted the little girl to be really close to the stage.

It really surprised me that even with the same line up, the show was an entirely different experience. When we watched it in the Philippines, the most amazing act they had was for Tangled — the skaters were hanging in the air most of the time. Here, they also had Tangled but with different songs.

Disney on Ice Stage Set Up

Disney on Ice Stage Set Up in the Philippine

When we saw it last time, the show had Snow White, Cinderella and Rapunzel.


Disney on Ice Cinderella

Disney on Ice Manila: Cinderella in her coach

Disney on Ice Tangled

Disney on Ice Manila: The cast of Tangled

Disney on Ice Snow White

Disney on Ice Manila: Snow White

This year’s Auckland line up still had Tangled but with a different set of songs. It had Beauty and The Beast — which as a fantastic stage set-up by the way.

Disney on Ice Beauty and the Beast

Disney on Ice Auckland: Beauty and the Beast


Then there’s

Disney on Ice Little Mermaid

Disney on Ice Auckland: Little Mermaid

And of course, there’s Frozen. They had snow!

Disney on Ice Frozen

Disney on Ice Auckland: Snow for Frozen Set

Disney Frozen

Disney on Ice: Has and Ana of Frozen

Jellybean had so much fun watching Disney on Ice in Auckland. Can’t wait for the next run!


Kids Activities in Auckland: Crystal Mountain

This is a hidden gem (pardon the pun)  in the Waitakere area of West Auckland that should be in your list of must-do-activities during school holidays.

It has several parts the little ones can explore.

  • Crystal Mine Museum – This is accessible by elevator from the store area. It takes you into the heart of Crystal Mountain where you’ll see New Zealand’s biggest collection of rare crystal from mines around the world. There are several minerals, meteorites and fossils, too. Some specimens in the museum weigh about 1000 kg and others are more than 2 meters tall.
Crystal Mine Museum

Giant crystals at the Crystal Mine Museum

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Auckland Events: Aotea Square Ice Rink

Who doesn’t love ice skating? This is the perfect way to celebrate winter in the city. If you’re looking for Auckland events for winter, the ice rink is back this year. Run by Paradice Ice Skating, this yearly set-up will only be up from June 17 to July 24 so catch it before it’s gone!

Inside the rink

Aoetea Ice Rink Skate Frame

They have skate frames for rent and skates for kids, too

It comes with a 3-meter long double laned ice slide as well as the Penguin Kid’s Zone. Check out the different events and themed weekends happening. Aotea Square is truly a winter wonderland with life-size polar bears, penguins and seals created by Rawstrone studio.

Life-size polar bears at Aotea Square

The rink looks lovely at night

This is defnitely one winter Auckland activity you shouldn’t miss!

Travel & Adventure Subscriptions For Kids

We’ve always been fascinated by the idea of subscription boxes. While this has been around in the US for quite some time, its relatively unheard of in the Philippines and is just growing in popularity in New Zealand. We’ve decided to start exploring it just recently. Since we’re pretty fond of travelling as a family, it is only appropriate that our Jellybean’s first subscription box be travel-related. While there are only a handful actually based here in NZ, we did find some good ones in the US that even offer free shipping. Here’s our top pics for her travel and advnture subscription boxes:

1. Little PassportsThis one of the first true travel-related subscription boxes for kids. We love it so much! We’re planning to get this very soon for Jellybean. There are three subscription types: Early Explorers, World Edition and USA Edition. Pricing varies depending on your subscription but as an example, if you go with Early Explorers for 12 months, it only goes for $14.95 a month — you pay a one-time fee for all 12 months + the delivery fee to your location. It looks like the characters change depending on your subscription, for the pre-schooler version, the characters are Max, Mia and their dog Toby. The World Edition, which is recommended for ages 6 to 10, has Sam and Sofia as the characters. The welcome kit comes with a suitcase, stickers, a world map, a bag tag. The monthly package comes with an activity booklet, souveniers, trading cards, letters, photos and more.

2. Surprise Ride  – This montly subscription offers pre-planned activities to cover arts, STEM, geography and history. Boxes iinclude supplies, instructions, a snack, fun facts and more. It is designed for kids aged 6 to 11. The website also has boxes that are sold as Single Rides. They have some country boxes like Costa Rica, Italy, Paris and Australia. Then there’s packaged adventure boxes like Ancient Egypt, Amelia Earhart, A Day at the Beach and more.

Amelia Earhart


3. Junior Explorers  – This another cool one. It’s a mission-themed subscription. You can do a monthly subscription for $19, a 3-month subscripiton for $49, 6 monthly missions for $95 and 12 monthly missions for $185. Each month, the program sends a Mission Kit to prepare little explorers for their monthly mission. This includes activities, collectibles and cool facts about the ecosystem. There is also an online part which can be accessed with an unlock code sent with the Mission Kit. Some missions done in the past include the Arctic, Serengeti, Amazon and more. It’s great for kids aged 5 to 11.


4. KiwiBop Postcard Pals  – I think this is the easiest and the cheapest one to start with. Monthly subscription is only $3.99 and payment can be made via PayPal to make it recurring until you decide to unsubscribe. For Jellybean, this is what we’re starting out with just to see if she can already appreciate receiving mail at this age (she’s now 4 years old). When you sign up, you will get a welcome kit, followed by 4 postscards a month. This is meant to engage their reading skills and teach them about the world. Since I’m a new member, I get to give my friends 10% off if they decide to subscribe, just use this link:


There you have it! Some great exploration/adventure/travel-themed subscription kits. We can’t wait to receive our welcome pack. If you subscribe to any of these, we’d love to know more about your experience.




Dreaming of Seychelles

It’s mid-March and the beach seems to be attracting the ocean-lover in me. With the Fall season starting in Auckland comes some nights of biting cold. While I work in the Britomart area of the CBD, it really isn’t the same even if I see a portion of the sea just out the office window. I often look to Facebook with a hint of envy when I see my friends and relatives posting their beach vacay pictures. After all, Conde Nast has rated our very own Boracay and El Nido beaches among the world’s best.

So, I spent this weekend looking for the best villa getaway that would satisfy that travel itch that’s starting to creep in. Then I found a few articles online about Seychelles. This looks like a gorgeous beach destination! There are two main places to choose from when planning a visit to Seychelles: Praslin and Mahe.

sunset at seychelles

Beautiful beach sunset at Seychelles

Can’t wait to do / try the following in Seychelles:

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Kids Activities in Auckland: Snow Planet

If you’re ever in Auckland, NZ with a kid, one thing you shouldn’t miss out on is Snow Planet. We love this place. We took the snow play package thinking our 2 toddlers (both aged 3 years old) would only spend a few minutes in the snow. Coming from a tropical country, that was a pretty safe assumption. So it was really a big surprise to us that we spent 4 hours there.

snowplanet 4

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Things to do in Auckland for kids: Butterfly Creek

It’s suprising that Butterfly Creek isn’t more popular as one of the fun things to do in Auckland for kids and toddlers. There’s really so much you can do in this place. Only about 2 minutes away from the airport, it’s fairly easy to get to from the city. This is a place for kids who love animals and have a fascination for dinosaurs.

Butterfly Creek is host to New Zealand’s only giant saltwater crocodiles. Goldie and Scar were imported from Australia in 2009. The world’s apex predators weigh half a tonne each! You can catch them in action at the daily croc show at 1pm.

butterfly creek crocs

Giant Crocodiles at Butterfly Creek

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Last Week in Auckland: Pride Festival and Lantern Festival

Last week was a great week to be in Auckland with two events spanning a few days long: Pride Festival and the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Although we weren’t really able to join any events for the Pride Festival, we did notice some cool things going on in the CBD that’s worth sharing. The most traditional of institutions — banks took part in the celebration in different ways.

First we saw this ad from W bank on their digital signage.

W Bank

W Bank: Are you open?

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Kids Activities in Auckland: MOTAT

Like most little boys, my nephew loves anything related to transport — cars, trucks, buses, trains and even construction vehicles. This . amazing 3-year old can tell the difference between a bulldozer, a tractor, a crane, a digger and other vehicles that I will never bother to find out the right names for.

Imagine his delight when we took him to MOTAT. The Museum of Transport and Technology in Auckland is every little boy’s dream come true. As New Zealand’s largest transport, technology and social history museum, it has literally everything you want your kid to see. The entire place is spread across 40 acres, so make sure you’re ready to do some exploring.


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13 weird things about New Zealand only a new immigrant would notice


We’ve been living in Auckland, NZ for a little over 2 months now. I found a job in my second week but didn’t start working until early January (owing to the long Holiday break here). So far, we’re loving life here. It doesn’t mean that the move hasn’t been difficult. It has, especially with a three-year-old. But, we did notice some cool/weird things about New Zealand and its culture that visitors wouldn’t otherwise notice.

Here’s our list of 13 odd things about NZ that only new immigrants would notice. Enjoy!

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Exploring Auckland, NZ

So far, we’re enjoying our New Zealand trip. Unlike most of our family trips with our baby, we’re looking at this from a different perspective. We’ve decided to migrate here so we don’t have our tourist glasses on. But while I’m out hunting for a job, I decided to make the most of it and see it in a way someone new to the country does…with food trips and beach trips!

One major thing to love about this place when you have a kid in tow is the fact that there are so many parks with playgrounds. For instance, in Central Auckland, we’ve already been to three major parks: Victoria Park, Meyers Park and Albert Park. Each one is unique and my daughter loves the open space where she can just run around.

Meyers Park in Auckland CBD

Meyers Park in Auckland CBD

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Nickelodeon Takotown: A Pinoy Halloween to Remember

Jellybean had a blast at Nickelodeon’s Takotown held in SMX. We were invited by Nickelodeon to the event via Mommy Bloggers group. The set-up was pretty amazing. They seem to be having problems with the number of people who wanted to go in as some of them misunderstood that the tickets from ToyKindom was only valid for one person and there was a line snaking out all the way to the Hall entrance. Just shows how popular the event was and why there should be another one next year!

Twisted Tales

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Our favorite time of the year is coming!

Hands down, Halloween is my favorite time of the year. I’ve been doing the cosplay route for a few years before giving birth. We introduced Jellybean to her first Halloween event last year where she was Snow White. This year, I gave her a choice of costumes. She wanted to be a black cat and Mal of Descendants. Perfect!

Black Cat

Black Kitty costume

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