How to Dress Babies for Spring Travel

Jellybean's Spring Look for Hong Kong:  Pumpkin Patch Black Long-sleeved shirt, Black and White striped leggings, Sugar Kids Pink Knee-high boots and slouch pink crochet hat.

Jellybean’s Spring Look for Hong Kong

If you are traveling to a country with 4 seasons, it is best to do your research for the current temperature so you can pack the right clothes and have the perfect start to your vacation. Spring is one of those seasons that can be difficult to pack for if you don’t check before your flight what weather to expect. It doesn’t have the sizzling summer heat or the biting cold of winter, but it has a little bit of both — warm during the day but cold at night. Then there’s the occasional rain shower to consider as well.

Here’s our guide to choosing spring clothing to pack for your babies:

  • Let the weather and temperature guide you – Continue to check on the current temperature of the area right up until your flight to get more or a less a good idea of what it will be like when you get there.
  • Long-sleeves in lighter fabrics, such as cotton, can be your best friend – They protect from the harsh UV rays of the sun and can keep kids warm during colder nights (with an additional layer of clothes)
  • Fleece and wool are a big no-no – These can get too hot so best to skip them when you’re packing for layering clothes.
  • Layering is still a good idea – Like winter, layering is your best bet to take control of the sudden temperature drops while you’re out and about with your kid. Bring a cotton jacket or a windbreaker to keep them warm at night. Pack a raincoat too for those sudden downpours.
  • Play with colors – Spring is a great time to break out those pastels and bright hues. Orange, pink are great color choices to brighten up your kid’s wardrobe. Florals are also popular for lovely little girls.
  • Denims work well with the weather – Not so popular during summer or winter, your baby denims can be a hit during spring as it offers the right amount of protection from the weather changes plus its great for outdoor games
  • Hats and caps help regulate body temp – While you cannot control the rapid change of temperature, you can help your child regulate it with lighter head gear like toddler caps or cotton hats. Crochet cotton looks great with those florals.
  • Sunblock and mosquito repellent are part of the must-haves – Make sure you protect your child not just form the changing weather conditions but also other factors such as UV rays and mosquito bites.

Have a great spring trip!

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  1. Kero Pinkihan says:

    we have no spring holiday on deck still i find the list you shared very useful. I am in the middle of arranging Little C’s closet – winter clothes in, spring/summer clothes out. I’m preparing for lots of outdoor play (and mess) too!

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