Travel Tool Review: Jeep Diaper Bag

Jeep Diaper Bag

Even before I had my baby, I knew she was going to be a young traveler. So, I shopped early for my diaper bag not knowing what to expect when it comes to babies and traveling. The first diaper bag I ever bought was the Jeep brand — yes, I was sold on it due to the name recall of this tough-on-the-roads vehicle brand. I purchased it from one of my trusted online stores for a mere P1,500. That was cheap compared to other diaper bag brands.

It was as expected. It has two zippered pockets on the front for little items like pacifiers or small toys. In front of those are mesh pockets that I don’t really use. It also has two side pockets that would be perfect for bottles. There’s one big pocket on the back side which can hold the diaper changing pad that comes with the bag. There is also an attached cellphone case which is removable and a clear plastic pouch inside for those wet-diaper moments.I do like the clam-shell opening that stays open so its easier to pack.

One thing that I love about this bag is it’s size. It is huge! Perfect for three or four-day trips out of town. But if you’re staying in the city for an overnight trip, go with a smaller bag as this is pretty bulky. Also, this only comes in black, so the husband is pretty happy that it looks sporty.

The downside, there are no pockets or divisions inside. If you’re an OC mom who likes subdividing her feeding/diapering/baby cleaning and first aid items, you may want to purchase a separate bag organizer for this one. It’s great for just throwing things in there, but it can get pretty messy. I personally use it as an overnight bag for me and my baby so sometimes clothes can get a bit messy inside. Also, tt has both handles and a shoulder strap — the shoulder straps are a bit oddly placed so it’s difficult to balance when full. The shoulder strap has a pad which is great for when it gets heavy.

It’s basically an affordable diaper bag that the husband won’t mind using. It’s huge but it’s not for everyday use. I keep this around for those longer trips but I also have several other bags for shorter ones.

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