Travel Tool Review: The Monopod

monopodIn the Philippines, owning a monopod seems so common. In fact, when it was first introduced here the price range was anywhere between P350 to P500. Today, you can get it online or in stores (like the ones found in Greenhills or Makati Square) for as low as P200. I got mine as a set with the automatic shutter for P700. I used to say that I would never own a device that feeds my vanity, but I soon found myself buying one for our Europe trip. And it was worth every peso invested and here’s why:

1. We were able to take great family photos without bothering anyone to take them for us.
2. We got overview photos or semi-aerial photos that looked like they were taken via a drone
3. If we were behind massive structures, we can angle it so everything is captured (ie the Eiffel tower)

The device is fairly simple to operate. There’s a part that snaps your phone into place via a small vice-like gripping device. The arm extends to about a foot and a half long. But a monopod would be totally useless without the automatic shutter. This device is also commonly sold with the monopod and also comes in different colors. It can connect to an iPhone or an android phone and uses a watch battery. Don’t try to connect to two types of phones at the same time though, because it would just stop working.

The best part about about owning a monopod is that when you whip it out in public, you really get attention and people — as in total strangers — really just crowd up to you and get their picture taken with you.  Instant groupie pics! Really great fun!

Monopod_Paris Groupie

In Paris: Groupie picture with total strangers

Monopod_Rome Groupie Picture

In Rome: You know you want to smile! Unintended groupie picture here.

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