Your Baby’s Travel Checklist

My family and I travel a lot. On any given week, you’d find us shuttling between Quezon City, Paranaque and Makati. And once a month, we spend time in Tarlac or we cool off in Tagaytay. A week after Jellybean’s birthday, she had her first plane experience when we went to Singapore. At an early age, we learned the art of traveling with a baby.

As such, we’d like to share our list of must-haves for being mobile with a baby:

  1. A pack of disposable diapers
  2. 1 set emergency cloth diapers (even if you’re not using cloth diapers, it’s good to have one handy in case you run out of the disposable kind)
  3. Changing pad
  4. Plastic bags or wet bag for carrying soiled diapers while in transit
  5. 3 sleepsuits
  6. 3 comfortable baby shirts for the house
  7. 3 sets of clothes for going out
  8. Headwear — it is important for any age to protect the baby from the sun
  9. Baby socks and shoes
  10. Mittens and booties — if your baby is under 3 months
  11. Bibs and burp cloths
  12. Baby wipes
  13. A 750ml Bottle of distilled water — if you’re re riding a plane check for restrictions
  14. Formula — if you’re not breastfeeding
  15. Juice — if your baby likes drinking this
  16. At least 4 pre-sterilized baby bottles if on formula, feeding utensils if already eating
  17. Baby food — if your baby is six months and above
  18. Snacks — if your baby is six months and above
  19. Cotton and tissue
  20. Favorite toy or book
  21. Baby blanket
  22. Stroller, carrier or sling —  if you need to go out on sightseeing trips
  23. Toiletry bag with her essentials ( ie baby powder, baby soap, toothgel, nail cutter, baby lotion, petroleum jelly or diaper rash cream)
  24. Anti-mosquito patches or wipes
  25. Baby toothbrush or toothwipes
  26. Emergency medicine — paracetamol for fever, acieta de mansanilla for colic, saline solution for sniffles, after-bite soothing gel
  27. Hand santizer or anti-bacterial handwash
  28. Vitamins
  29. Bottle or utensil wash
  30. Baby book —  in case of emergencies, it’s good to have this handy for your baby’s medical history
  31. Nursing items — a pump if you use one and breastfeeding cover
  32. Camera for capturing your baby’s precious moments

If you’re going out of the country, don’t forget your baby’s travel documents (her passport and birth certificate as proof of parenthood). For destination trips where you plan to go swimming, don’t forget the baby sunscreen and swim diapers.

Packing clothes and diapers depends on the number of days you’ll be out on the trip.

The most important thing to remember when packing for a trip is to know your baby’s needs in and out. Envision her usual day in your mind and go through the steps so you don’t forget items that are essential for her. For instance, you may want to bring a pacifier if he/she uses one or her favorite portable nightlight if she needs it to sleep. While these are non-essentials, they can make the change of environment easier for your child to bear.

Enjoy your trip!

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