Travel Secret: Groupon Things To Do


As someone who has worked in the travel industry for a decade, I keep several travel secrets and travel hacks in my back pocket. We’ve shared some of the most essential ones in our Baby Travel Industry Secrets page. But here’s something new I learned fairly recently: use deals sites to find amazing activities for less.

I’m particularly happy with using Groupon for this purpose. The Groupon Things To Do section gives great local insight on the must-see places in Chicago, New York or any other city you plan on visiting. The best part: you get to save anywhere between 50% to 90% off on the deals.

I love how Groupon can help you save on a variety of activities. Whether it’s festival tickets, sporting events, concerts, comedy clubs, theaters and shows and more. If you’re a tourist with kids, there are a ton of great value for money deals such as discounted entrance to the local zoo and museum, guided tour passes and other attractions.

While I’ve been a Groupon fan for a while and have actually bought a lot of Christmas presents for family and friends on the site, I’ve never thought of using it for booking and planning our travel activities. I discovered it on our recent trip to Bay of Islands. We kept bumping into this couple who were also from Auckland. As I was paying for the parasailing experience with cash, he was giving the operator a voucher number. I asked how much he paid for the voucher and he tells me that he got it for half the price that I was paying for! Even worse, since he already booked his use of the voucher so they already had space on the boat for him and his wife. Meanwhile, some people from our party had to be bumped off to the next trip because we weren’t pre-booked.

That was such an eye-opening experience for me. By using a deals site like Groupon, won’t just save on the experience, I can plan it better! Plus, there is no membership or any other fees. Buy your voucher, tell the merchant/operator that you’ll use it on whatever date and you’re done.

We’d love to hear about your deals site experience for travel.

How have you used Groupon to save on travel experiences?

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